Gift Card Order Fulfillment

Offer gift cards to your customers or employees and let Fundstream do the digital or physical fulfillment, white-labeled to your brand. Select from the largest selection of gift card retailers in Canada.

Why Gift Card Rewards?

  • Loyalty Program Rewards
  • Reward Program Redemptions
  • Customer Retention Rewards
  • Gamification Rewards
  • Employee Compensation
  • Marketing Incentives
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Rebates/Discounting
  • Employee Bonuses
  • Survey or Feedback Incentives
  • Sales Incentives
  • Customer Loyalty Incentives
  • Channel Incentives
  • Referral/Affiliate Commissions
  • Performance Incentives
  • Employee Motivation Rewards
  • Peer Recognition Rewards
  • Employee Retention Rewards
  • Payment Disbursements
  • Complaint Resolution Refunds
  • Employee Meal Plans
  • Charity Disbursements
  • Employee Performance Rewards

Gift Card Fulfillment Features

Our offering is packed full of features to help you achieve your program goals with ease.

    • Huge selection of Canadian brands
    • Card acquisition
    • Competitive discount structure
    • Physical, Digital, and Reloadable gift cards
    • Submit orders via gift card API or file drop
    • Remote card activation
    • Inventory-free, on-demand purchases
    • Developer technical support
    • Physical or digital gift card order fulfillment
    • Order prep
    • Shipment tracking
    • Address verification
    • Error-free & rapid fulfillment
    • White label or co-branded
    • On-demand printing of customizable inserts
    • Bilingual platform and services